Curated Decorative Books

Your leading source for decorative books in any style and color scheme. Our in house designers curate combinations aligning with the latest trends. Also find timeless options in our fabric collection including neutrals and classic patterns.

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  • Quality + Aesthetic

    We are focused on quality with an emphasis on how our books look at every angle.

    Our fabric covered books are a FULL wrap so you can display them in any way without seeing the book underneath. This gives you a seamless look.

  • In Stock & Made in USA

    No long wait times or backorders. Everything is in stock and ready to ship!

    Items are handmade and sourced in the USA.

  • Fully Curated

    Our uncovered books are fully curated by our designers. Other book suppliers will provide you with books of the same color family.

    Don't take the chance of inappropriate titles, different colored titles, and multicolored covers.

    You receive the EXACT books shown in the photographs!

Shelf Accessories

Our designers have chosen some of our favorite items that pair well with our decorative books to complete your shelf and table decor.

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