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    Owner Surrounded by Decorative Books

    Putting Elements Together for the Perfect Design!

    My story doesn't include much glitz or glamour...just a little luck, hard work, and perseverance. It is the age old tale of somebody trying to figure out what truly makes them happy in a career.

    I have been creative my whole life and even started going to college for Fine Art. I didn't quite fit in with the Fine Art scene. I didn't have eccentric clothing, unique colored hair, or listen to bizarre music. I prefer to belt out Adele like 95% of the population. I simply loved to be creative and it was easy for me.

    I often got the common response of "What do you do with a Fine Art degree?" or "Do people make money doing that?". These judgments along with the sense that I didn't fit in pushed me in a more traditional route.

    Years of the push and pull between the stability of a career in business and the desire to be creative ensued.

    One day my sister unknowingly changed my path. She built custom furniture and needed help accessorizing her items and asked me to help. I thought I would help her out here and there, make a little extra money but never really expected what was about to happen...

    I fell in LOVE with it. Not only were the vintage decor items selling well, the decorative book sets were flying off the shelves!

    I started to buy more inventory and curating color combinations to match styles from Modern to Farmhouse. Elements was born and now ships home decor items all over the United States and Canada. I even have a nickname..."The Book Lady".

    I finally found the perfect balance and love my career.