Book Page Fronds Tutorial

Book Page Fronds Tutorial

Have you been noticing paper fans used in shelf decor and wall art? too!

After a little Pinterest exploration, I found that these boho chic accents are called "Fronds". Then the wheels started turning and I wanted to see if I can make them with vintage book pages.

Sure enough! It is super easy and I love how they turned out.

I grabbed one of our Book Page Packs and found two different types of pages I wanted to use. I pulled out a couple pages that had a darker patina and also one that had a thick border without text.

Note: Our page packs include pages of multiple sizes and patina. We also offer dictionary pages, maps, and music.

What you Need:

Book Pages
Glue or Stapler
Wood Stick (optional depending on if you want them to have a stem)

Fronds DIY

Simply take your page and fold it in an accordion (brings you back to elementary crafts).

Fronds Tutorial

I made four because I wanted my Frond to fan out and fill a jar. Once you have it folded, cut the paper in the shape you want to achieve (while still folded). I snipped a triangle out of the end to make a spiky tip. 

Frond Cutting


I put my ends together and stapled them together. You can use glue here and add your wood dowel for a stem. I was putting my Frond in a vase so I didn't add a stem.

Staple Fronds Together

How to Make Paper Fronds


I then spread open the fan and bent each one to get a fanned out look.


You can decorate with one or many. I have seen a collage of them used as wall art too! Have fun and get creative!

Book Page Fronds