Need Help Styling? We Gotchu

Need Help Styling? We Gotchu

You ever attempt to follow along with a DIY tutorial and can never get it to look just right? Sometimes all you need is a second set of eyes.

We encounter this very thing at Elements. When someone on the team has tunnel vision on a new product idea it is easy to be so involved that it is important to ask opinions. The group may see the design in a different way or have ideas that you never thought of because you have been living and breathing the concept for too long.

This is often the case when trying to style your shelves, shop for accessories, or pick a color scheme. We try to give you tutorials and tools to make all of these processes easier but sometimes you just need help!

We have officially switched over our Facebook page to a community format. We never focused too much on Facebook as the majority of our followers are on our Instagram. However, we feel that this would be the best platform to communicate and engage with you on questions you have about your shelf styling.

We encourage you to post a picture and ask questions and opinions!

Struggling on where to place your items or trying to decide how close they should be? Post it!

Can't find the right sized accessory to fill the "whole" in your shelf styling? Post it!

At a loss for how to decorate your coffee table to make your end table decor? Post it!

Whatever you are struggling with, we are here to help. We want to build the community so that not only do you get our thoughts, you will also get ideas from other followers. 

We will also be going live every Thursday on BOTH Instagram and Facebook. We will style a shelf, coffee table, or accent table in real time. You can ask questions and even vote for what you want to see the following week.

Instagram: 2:00 PM EST
Facebook: 2:30 PM EST 

We will also share amazing decor finds, new product launches, and we even plan on starting a VIP group that will have early access to new shelf decor combos.

If you just bought a new home, still have an empty shelf or table, or simply want to stay up to date on new Interior Design trends...this is your place.