Gifts for the Men in Our Lives

Gifts for the Men in Our Lives

I have never been a good gift giver. I always have the dream of picking out the most perfect, thoughtful gifts for the people in my life but when push comes to shove, I walk aimlessly around the store. It is too much pressure and my brain shorts out. Not to mention, as I have gotten older, so have the recipients of my gifts. If they want/need something, they just go buy it.

What do you get someone who has everything?

Our sister shop has attempted to solve that problem! We launched a Mystery Book Box last year geared toward Women. It includes three books (you chose the genre), choice of beverage, and relaxing candles, essential oils or wax melts. It has been a BIG hit for holidays, birthdays, anniversary, and Mother's Day. Some women even treat themselves to a relaxing weekend.

It was time to create some options for the Gentlemen! We have started with Grilling and Fishing. Click on the photos to shop now or check out the entire sister shop by clicking here.

Mens Gift Box


Fishing Gift Box