Signed Helen Keller Book! EEEEEeeeek

Signed Helen Keller Book! EEEEEeeeek

Imagine my surprise when I hear loud squeals and excitement from Melissa and Jill echoing through the warehouse. I hurriedly walk over to where they are sorting through vintage books...

The book, "Midstream, My Later Life" by Helen Keller is in Melissa's hand. She then shows me that it is INSCRIBED by Helen Keller!

Vintage Midstream Book by Helen Keller

There were many gasps and NO WAY'S!

It was inscribed to a Mr. Alger thanking him for an interview. The research begins...

Mr. first name but she did date it. Googled "Alger, Helen Keller, and Interview".

There is some information of an Alger Hiss during the "Red Scare" and the suspicion that he was spying for Russia. So where did Helen Keller get involved? Apparently, she did an interview with Mr. Hiss, BUT she wouldn't address it to Mr. Alger if "Alger" was his first name.

More clicking...I find Horatio Alger who was a well known writer of "rags to riches" stories. Most of his characters are men. However, he did do a book of Helen FORD.

More clicking...BINGO

Edwin Alger interviewed Helen Keller for his radio show, "Who's Behind the Name?" on NBC. This was broadcasted on March 31, 1931 which matches the date inscribed.

I was even able to find the transcript of the broadcast that you can read here.

Helen Keller Transcript

After some research, we estimate the value to be just over $1000.00.

We were able to find another book by Helen Keller (not signed) in the same group. We combined the two books as well as a page of the printed transcript to sell as a group. 

If you are interested in adding this to your collection you can find it here.

Signed Helen Keller Book

This is our most exciting find to date! If you want to learn more about starting a book collection or what to look for when vintage book shopping, follow along with A House of Books.