How to Make Tin Can Planters

How to Make Tin Can Planters

We love the idea of using household items in our shelf decor. Not only is it great for our environment, but it gives us the opportunity to make something unique and one of a kind.
Next time you crack open that can of corn, wash it out and save it!

Tin Can Supplies
What you need:
Tin Cans (washed)
Faux Greens- I get my greens from Hobby Lobby
Book Pages, Dictionary Page, Maps, or Music Sheets
You can purchase loose leaf pages at A House of Books.

Step One:
Measure the height of your tin can. I like to have a little metal showing on each end. Some cans have a natural rim.

Measure Your Tin Can
Step Two:
Choose the paper you want to use! I chose to do music sheets first. I wanted three music sheets with varying patina so that they each looked a little different. (see photo at the end of maps, dictionary pages, and Christmas versions)
Measure your chosen paper to match the height of the tin can and cut.

Cut Your Paper
Step Three:
Place your paper on the tin can, lining it up with either edge. Tape the edge down.

Tape the Paper Down
Step Four:
Wrap your paper all the way around the tin can until the paper meets. If your paper is too long, trim the end. You can tape the edge down but the tape may show. I wanted the option for the can to be shown on all sides, so I decided to glue this edge down.

Glue Edge
Step Five:
Add your faux greens (or real if you have a green thumb). Waaaah LA, Done!  Repeat these steps for the number of cans you want to make.

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