Sprinkle in Spring

Sprinkle in Spring

Spring is something of a joke to Michigan residents. It can be 65 degrees and sunny in February and also 15 degrees and snowing in April. Needless to say, you have to roll with the punches and throw in a few curse words on the road to summer.

After a cold winter, we breached 40 degrees yesterday and the kids were out riding bikes as I huddled by our propane fireplace in the driveway. There is something to be said about the anticipation of Spring after a long, cold winter.

It is the one season change that I actually get excited for and I love everything about the process of getting ready for the warm summer months including switching up my home decor to remind me the end is near (end of winter, that is).

I have included some of my favorite ways to add a little touch of Spring in your home decor without doing a full revamp.

1. Change out your Faux Stems (or real ones if your blessed with a green thumb). The staple spring florals I LOVE are tulips and lavender.


Coffee Table Decor for SpringPhoto Credit: instagram.com/simplysingharath
Vintage Spring DecorPhoto Credit: instagram.com/ourfarmhousestylehome


2. Add soft colors including faded and pastel tones. The easiest way to do this is to switch out your framed prints or add a new book set.


Spring Vintage Prints

 Framed Prints


3. Add Spring accessories including vintage watering cans and birds.

Check out how Melissa hunted vintage watering cans in our local thrift stores last week and even snagged one left in her house when she moved in.

Decorating with Watering Cans


Jill scoped out birds and and vintage bird house. Check out how she styled them to get a Spring look.

Birds for Decor


4. Spring is when flowers bloom...even in your home decor. How? Faux Stems, Botanical Prints, Fabric Floral Prints...


Floral Prints

Botanical Prints

Check out our vintage prints and botany page packs if you would like to get this look. If you like the hunt, go to your local thrift store and look through old books to find prints that would work for your space.

In conclusion, while I like to add a smidge of spring, some people love to revamp their entire look. Either way, these tips will work!

If you love the looks we created below...they are available to be purchased as a set. You receive everything shown in the photograph (except the shelf) for one price! Check out more curated shelf decor combo here.

Blue Vintage Shelf DecorFloral Shelf DecorSpring Shelf Decor