Small Thanksgiving?!?!

Small Thanksgiving?!?!

As we all start planning for Thanksgiving we wanted to highlight this beautiful dinning room by Lisa at Home by Design. She has the most beautiful shelf styling and even used some of our vintage book sets.

We recently had the conversation in our household trying to decide what to do for our Thanksgiving festivities. We usually all gather at my husband's Uncle's house and spend the entire day playing games, chatting, and catching up. 

With the increased numbers we are experiencing in Michigan, we decided to keep it small. While this decision was a let down at first, I have to keep reminding myself that this slower paced life has it's benefits too. 

Being able to focus on our immediate family may have been just what we needed (even though I want to run away multiple times a day). Putting aside the constant hustle around holidays might be a breath of fresh air.

I will miss the crazy, drunk uncle's though!

Glass half full!

Vintage Books for Decor