Old Watering Cans into New Shelf Decor!

Old Watering Cans into New Shelf Decor!

Get out your wire brushes and spray paint- let’s make these old clunkers beautiful again! Last week we had a thrifting day. These days are my favorite! We intended to document our finds in real time photos but totally failed. The only photo I have is of Amber trying on a catcher’s helmet and taking a selfie for her husband. The shenanigans!

Anywho...let’s talk design. We are talking about all things spring in this newsletter so that was the focus of our thrifting journey. I found these watering cans to be just the spring thing I was hoping for!

Check out a couple of variations with the watering cans paired with books (obviously) to develop a spring design inspiration! Click on the photo to purchase directly- and don’t forget to use the free $10 gift card offered in the March newsletter! We never hand out free money, so please enjoy!

All of the watering cans were metal so I wanted to give some of them a fresh look. A little gold metallic paint brought some sweetness to this little watering can.

But the real beauty in my eyes is the patina on this watering can. It has the kind of charm you can’t manufacture! Filling watering cans with greens is the perfect way to bring new life to these ‘ol gals. 

colorful spring books