Christmas Shelf Decorating Ideas

Christmas Shelf Decorating Ideas

Are you ready to start layering in Christmas Decor? We put together some tips and tricks for all styles from modern to farmhouse. Lets get started...

Filling your existing glass vessels with Christmas related items is a great way to add a little Christmas touch. We added vintage music rolls and cinnamon sticks (mmmm...the smell). I love rustic unbound books for winter decor. There is just something cozy and romantic about them.

Rustic Books for Christmas Decor

Ummmm...can you say VELVET!? I know what you are thinking but velvet is raging back into decor, specifically for Christmas. I actually read a Target thread about velvet ornaments and ladies staying up until 3 AM to snag them when they dropped online. I wish I could say we knew this was happening for Christmas but it was a complete coincidence that we already had green velvet books. I feel like we already won the holiday season.

Gold accents are classic Christmas...I hope it never changes!

Velvet Christmas Decor

Again, we filled these cute houses with pinecone and potpourri (I am proud to say I didn't have to Google how to spell it). We paired them with red vintage books that have beautiful gold detailing on the spine.

Vintage Red Decorative Books

Our show stopper...we introduced book bands this season. If you already have our linen covered books, you can add seasonal book bands. There are multiple colors and styles to pick from.

Christmas Book Bands

Any knitting DIYer's out there? These cute knitted trees are so easy to make in various colors. I was scrolling McGee & Co's Christmas decor and they are selling them too! If you are craft you think we should add these to the shop?

Knitted Trees

Loving these white-washed unbound books paired with a few rustic. Also, switching out your faux stems is quick and easy (bonus...they are easy to store).

White Washed Books

Last but not least...switching out your framed prints to Christmas scenes is timeless.

Vintage Christmas Print

Get to shopping and decorating ladies! If you need more inspiration, check out more decor from our Christmas Collection.

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