Create Your Own Artwork!

Create Your Own Artwork!

Winter is fading and so should winter decor. While winter decorating tends to be natural tones, evergreen stems, and comfy textures...Spring is color and pattern. Not necessarily vibrant colors but soft tones with whimsical patterns.

We wanted to create an easy tutorial of how to combine patterns and colors to create framed artwork perfect for Spring.

It is as simple as finding patterns and colors and layering them in a frame. You can use vintage prints, wallpaper, scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, magazine pages...basically anything that inspires you.

We used vintage prints pulled from old books for our project. We sell page packs that include prints with various subject matters if you aren't feeling like finding your own.

vintage print craft

All you need is scissors, glue stick, prints, and a frame. Once you have picked your prints simply glue them in layers and add them to the frame you have chosen.

Use your new artwork for wall art or layer them in shelf decor like we have done below.

Vintage Shelf Decor


Blue Artwork


Check out our Instagram and TikTok to watch the video of use making these beauties!



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