One Shelf, Two Shelf, Three Shelf, YOUR SHELF - How to guide for decorating your shelves

One Shelf, Two Shelf, Three Shelf, YOUR SHELF - How to guide for decorating your shelves

Christmas decorations are coming down...but WHAT is going back up? Is it time for a home decor refresh?

Do you feel like a fish out of water when you are trying to style your shelves?

There are many different variations of helpful tutorials to give you inspiration and a little design education. However, it can still be a CHALLENGE because your decor is different, the size of the shelf is different, colors are different...and the list goes on...and on...

As you embark on the whirlwind of redecorating...we are going to give you a couple tips to follow...methods we use when decorating that make things just a little bit easier. If you are still struggling after you try these tips...we have a solution for you.

First, clear off all your shelves to start with a blank slate. Organize all your accessory items on the floor or table and group them by color. This doesn't mean you are going to use every single item so no pressure. Just collect things in the right color scheme.

Shelf Decor

I use the ZIG ZAG method. Depending on the number of shelves, I zig zag my colors down. Also, I always start with BOOKS. While I know I am biased, there is a rational reason I start with books. First, they add height and depth and carry more "visual weight" on your shelf. Once you have them placed, it is easy to fill in with other accessories.

Shelf Styling Tips

 If you are working with two shelves, CRISS CROSS (applesauce).

Shelf Styling Tips

Once you have your books placed, start with the next color and zig zag it throughout the shelf...and keep repeating for each color.

Shelf Styling Tips

When you are done, stand back and look at it. There is no better judge than your own eye. There may be a few things that you don't like. You can usually tell what they are if your eye keeps catching on them. This usually happens if a color is out of place, an item is too big, etc. Make some tweaks.

I wasn't loving the basket I used OR the black vase on top of the books. So I did a quick change and came up with my final product.

 Shelf Decor

If you are working with one shelf the key is to LAYER! Using the different colors throughout the entire shelf. @hartman_haus did this perfectly when using our black fabric covered books.

Layering Shelves

DON'T panic if you went through all of that and feel like you need more accessories. By using this method, you can identify "the holes" in your accessory inventory. It will naturally develop a shopping list, giving you the color and size you need to look for to fill the gaps.

Did you throw your hands up in the air and give up? We GOTCHU! We now offer a number of curated shelf decor combos which include books and accessory items. You simply buy, we ship, and you replicate in your home. We are constantly adding new options that fit multiple styles and color schemes.

There are a million other tutorials but we have found this one works the best for us and the style we want to achieve. While this tutorial doesn't address EVERYTHING you need to know. We will be following up with other posts like...

Size Matters
The Art of Grouping
How to Shop for Shelving
Obtaining a Minimalist Look

We would love to hear specific topics you are itching to learn more about too! Let us know what you are having trouble with!

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