All About Michelle

All About Michelle

She’s one of our favs! And just wait until you hear what her stripper name is! Meet one of our vital team members here at Elements, Michelle. We love her and couldn’t do this without her!

Melissa: Tell us about you. What do you do for fun?

Michelle: I’ve been married for 11 years and am a mom of 2 kids. My hobbies are camping, off-roading, and crocheting. Also, I’ve known Amber forever! I’ve been really good friends with her sister since high school and actually was the matchmaker for her and her husband! 


Melissa: How long have you been working here?

Michelle: 2.5 years, no 1.5 years! Yeah, I think 1.5 years. Hahah! 

Melissa: What do you like best about working at Elements?

Michelle: I love working from home. The flexibility is exactly what I need at this point in my life. I also love telling people what I do. It’s interesting to explain it and hear their responses and questions. It’s like it takes a minute to process putting fabric on a book! It’s been fun to watch this business grow. When I started, Amber was running this out of her garage and basement, and now she needs a bigger warehouse!

Melissa: Do you have a favorite fabric?

Michelle: Nope. But it's fun to see what fabric we get each week! I love the variety.

Melissa: Do you binge watch while you cover books? What are you currently watching?

Michelle: Yes, currently I’m watching Kingdom on Netflix. I’m all over the board from period dramas to MMA fighting! Throw in a little Hart of Dixie and I’m happy. I like it all!

Melissa: What is your favorite thing you’ve ever binge watched?

Michelle: Hmmm, probably Outlander or Shameless

Melissa: Tell me what it’s like to work from home with small kids.

Michelle: They like to copy mom, like all kids do. Last year my son had a play-doh station set up near me while I covered books. He sat on his little pink hand-me-down chair and ran his monster trucks through the play-doh. He was “working” too! Also, the kids like coming to the warehouse with me. I think they like to see Amber!

Melissa: What is your stripper name (first pet + the street you grew up on)

Michelle: Prissy Ferndale. I can’t make this stuff up!

(both laugh hysterically for a solid 2 minutes)

Melissa: What is bringing you moments of joy right now in your life?

Michelle: Being outdoors with my family. We recently went camping and it was so cold but the colors of the trees were on point! We had a great weekend together. So yeah, my family and my weekend only Coca-Cola habit!