Chelsea, Chelsea She's Our Girl!

Chelsea, Chelsea She's Our Girl!


During March we honor women. At Elements we especially honor the dedication of us as women, to our jobs while caring for our own families. We honor whatever way we figure out to do this, because it is a HARD balance! We want to introduce to you Chelsea. This amazing woman has it figured out how to be true to herself while also juggling being a wife to Josh, a mom to 4 towhead boys and a fabric coverer of 200 books a week! We quite possibly could not survive without her, I’m not even joking! I got the chance to interview Chelsea and her boy brood and I want to share her story with you. 

Me: What does your mom do?

Boys: Books. She puts fabric on them.

Me: What do you think she likes best about putting fabric on books?

Boys: The scissors

Me: Do you think there is anything she doesn’t like about putting fabric on books?

Boys: Cutting it wrong

Me: Do you think it’s hard to make books?

Boys: Yes

Me: What part looks hard?

Boys: Putting all the pages in. (Apparently Chelsea is actually constructing books at her house?!)

Me: Why does your mom make books?

Boys: Because she has to stay and look after us.

Me: So that works out pretty good! Do you guys have jobs?

Boys: Yes! We have to keep our room clean. Me and Breck have another same job- it’s feeding our dog. And keeping our brothers safe!

Me: That’s a great job! That’s what families do. What makes your mom happy?

Boys: When we listen. Hugs and kisses!

After talking with the boys for a few minutes, we turned them loose in the warehouse and I got to talk with Chelsea for a few minutes. Not a single book was taken from a shelf, not a crumb left behind! They were angels, which made me question everything about my own parenting.

Me: How long have you been working here?

Chelsea: It was two years in January.

Me: What do you like best about working here?

Chelsea: The flexibility. And being able to do it from home and when I want.

Me: Do you have a favorite fabric or book sets?

Chelsea: It changes depending on what fabric I have! (enter side conversation about bratty fabrics that we don’t love!) Currently my favorite is any of the textured fabrics.

Me: Do you watch shows or listen to podcasts when you work?

Chelsea: I’m usually on Hulu watching The Mindy Project. Before that I was watching all the home improvement shows because we are redoing our kitchen. I think I watched all the home improvement shows on Hulu! 

Me: What character from The Office do you most identify with?

Chelsea: I would say I’m a mix between Angela and Pam. The tidiness, strictness and organization of Angela but also the family side of Pam and the funny side of Pam. My husband Josh says I’m like Dwight. (eyeroll from Chelsea as if to say “husband jokes amiright”)

Me: What are you currently obsessed with? 

Chelsea: I’m really into weight lifting lately. I do all the different weight lifting programs from Beachbody. I have really found a love for it.

Me: Do you have any funny stories about working from home or being a book covering mom?

Chelsea: Fabric corners! They are everywhere and it drives my husband insane! When I’m using adhesive fabric, the boys will find them stuck to me after I’m done. 

Something I’ve found myself doing lately is before I purchase something, I calculate how many books I’ll have to cover to pay for it! It’s just in my brain now!

Also, people think I should be good at wrapping Christmas presents because I wrap books in fabric but I’m not! It doesn’t translate.

Me: Where do you find moments of joy right now? It can be something silly or meaningful.

Chelsea: Just being with the boys and Josh. I’m loving seeing things through their eyes and seeing the moments of joy that they are finding. Now that they are older it’s changing. Maddox’s favorite Christmas present was a gift that Grayer got him from school. This little $2 toy is his favorite because it’s from his brother and it brings him joy.

 After the “formal” interview was over the boys were excited to share about the family living room sleepover they were having that night, and about the snowman they made, and that their dog Sully kept eating the arms, and they got to play in the snow with their cousins, all without taking a breath! Chelsea, you and your family are a joy to our Elements family! Hope you get a nap soon girl.