Virtual Learning = Shit Show

Virtual Learning = Shit Show

I know I join a number Mom's SWEARING their way through school in 2020. Unfortunately, this nightmare looks to be extending into 2021 and I have a few choice words along with my daily temper tantrum, stomping through the house venting that this SUCKS!

We were fortunate to begin the school year with the option of sending our kids to school or choosing virtual. We have in pre-kindergarten and one in 2nd grade. After our experience in the Spring, combined with no health concerns, we decided to send them to school. 

We are now all being moved to virtual due to increased numbers in our area. I know this is the right decision. I knew it was inevitable as our numbers continued to skyrocket. I tried to mentally prepare BUT none of that changes the incredible hardship this puts on parents.

I don't see many parents complaining...this makes me wonder if I am the only one having a hard time with this? Am I being irrational? Maybe I just suck at this Mom thing? 

We had a taste of virtual learning when Oliver was quarantined for two weeks. With two working parents, it was quite the challenge. His virtual learning consisted of two hours of virtual instruction followed by a list of independent work that was to managed by parents...

...parents that are also trying to work be completed by a 7 year old that will whine, cry, and beg not to do it because I am "Mom" and not "Teacher"

...reviewed by parents that were never taught common core

...parents never educated in education

...did I mention we are also trying to work so we can pay our mortgage?

Our children were supposed to be in school Monday and Tuesday last week but our district decided to give the teachers time off to prepare. Yesterday was supposed to be the first day of virtual learning but that day was used for parents to pick up technology (not sure why this couldn't have happened on the prep days). I received an email from Paisley's teacher that they will only have 1 hour of instruction all week to get the kids used to virtual learning...what. is. happening.

Am I the only one concerned that our kids are missing out on A LOT of school days? How is this going to effect their education?

Meanwhile, parents scrambled to find childcare (I thought I was done paying for childcare, jokes on me) and keep their kids busy all while trying to work.

Just to add a little spice to a sour situation...I received my kids virtual schedule and they both have breaks and LUNCH at different times! I stormed up to my husband and screamed "LOOK AT THIS NONSENSE!" 

...keep one child focused on school while one is running around on break

...make TWO lunches at TWO different times

...while working

I hate to admit it, but I have become a Karen and have sent two emails to my children's school administration. While I think both were valid common sense requests...I don't know that they will accomplish much. I know they have a lot on their plate too but I feel helpless, exhausted, frustrated.

While I understand the need to be flexible, I can't help but feel we are being too flexible. Each district gets to choose schedules, requirements, days off, amount of teacher instruction based on their own judgement.

I wish I had some thoughtful advice or magical words of encouragement for all those that are having a hard time like me. For all the mom's who have their shit together, move along and don't judge my train wreck.

Unfortunately, I only have two pearls of wisdom for you...

First...I found these on Clearance at Target...


My kids came home with a paper bag full of materials to be used during virtual learning. Since they will be learning from the warehouse, home, and grandparents (bless their hearts), I needed a way to organize everything which would travel well.






This was Melissa and I after a two week quarantine (my crazy eyes in full force). We might need to increase bottle size and upgrade liquor content.

Cheers to all the Momma's out are hero's!

End Rant